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    Sitting in the drafting room or your office without the right chair can literally become a "pain in the neck" (or anywhere else...). Sitting in an upright position at a drafting table or workbench requires a comfortable and sturdy drafting chair or drafting stool. Using the right furniture will also add that proffessional touch of the distinguished artist or draftsman in the room.
    Welcome to the Tiger Supplies drafting chairs and stools store; where you can find virtually all artist chairs, architect chairs, and office chairs for an average of 15% below MSRP!
    Featuring ergonomic and comfortable drafting chairs by Alvin, Safco drafting chairs, Mayline, SMI, and Flash Funiture chairs.
    Special attention and discount rates are given to schools, acadamies, and government offices. The same goes for any volume order.

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    Set up a construction site
    Protect your workers
    Organize your data

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