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    Generators are reliable backup power supply during unexpected outages. Perfect for residential and commercial use, this industrial equipment is also used for recreation purposes in outdoor activities. It has a wide range of running power to accommodate the requirements of electronic devices and appliances with different voltages. The runtime depends on the engine and fuel type; the engine works with various fuel types such as Diesel, Natural Gas, and Liquid Propane. Generators also have three modes of starting method: Electric Start which require less effort just by simply pushing the power button, Recoil Pull Start which uses a rope and a handle for manual starting power, and Automatic Start-Up which powers on the engine instantly when an outage occurs.

    Types of Generators

    Portable generators are suitable for those who love outdoor activities and crave for a bigger output power. These generators have built-in wheels and handle for added portability. On the other hand, Inverter generators are three-phase generators that convert AC to DC current. Afterward, it converts from DC to clean AC power that can be used as an alternative power source. It is smaller than the portable generator which is good for small voltage home appliances. Automatic Standby generators are the most reliable generators used as a home automatic backup, specifically to essential circuits. It protects the most important homeowner appliances, such as refrigerators, well pumps, and more.

    Generator Engines

    The Generac Overhead valve (OHV) is a compact engine with valves placed in the cylinder head. It is a smaller engine because the camshaft is located inside its engine block which performs a lesser complex drive system for the camshaft. The (OHVI) Overhead valve industrial engine is similar to OHV but is engineered especially for industrial jobs. The air-cooled Subaru Overhead camshaft (OHC) engine valves are operated almost directly by the camshaft, making it easier to maintain precise timing at higher revolutions per minute. Additionally, the intake and exhaust valves are positioned for optimum performance.

    Tiger Supplies is proud to offer a wide range of generators from top brands, such as Generac, PowerMate, DeWalt, and Subaru. Choose the best one that suits your needs and enjoy shopping!

    What are you working on?

    Set up a construction site
    Protect your workers
    Organize your data

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