Pocket Measuring Tapes

    Pocket Measuring Tapes come with an enclosed case and belt clip which makes them easy to carry around. Pocket tapes come in various units of measure and various lengths. Units of measure can be anything from standard English/SAE rule, Feet & Tenths, to Metric. Ideal for getting quick measurements within tight workspaces, pocket measuring tapes are perfect for framing contractors, cabinet makers, drywall professionals, and almost anyone in need of a reliable measuring tape.


    How to Choose a Pocket Measuring Tape

    Consider the length of the tape, the units of measure, the "stand out" which is how far the tape will extend before collapsing, belt-clip, the tape end, and the factory warranty. Some pocket tapes have "brakes" which holds the tape when extended so it doesn't retract back into the case while using it.


    Tiger Supplies carry a wide range of pocket measuring tapes from popular brands. Shop now!

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    Self Lock Power Tape Measure 870625
    Tiger#:  TS71740
    MFR#:  870625
    • Komelon Self Lock Power Tape Measure
    • 1-year manufacturer's warranty
    Ships with in
    14 - 21 Business Days


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