Tiger Supplies is an autherized Rolatape dealer

    About Rolatape

    Rolatape Measuring Wheels are a fast, practical way to measure distance – indoors or outdoors – on any surface. Tiger Supplies has a wide selection of these resourceful tools for a variety of applications and terrains. Choose from standard or metric measuring wheels with single or double wheels in various sizes and materials. 


    Manual or Digital Wheels

    Our manual measuring wheels count each spin of the wheel and measure in either imperial or metric units. Electronic measuring wheels use a digital counter and often offer a combination of measuring units. Both types are calibrated for accuracy and designed to reduce errors.


    Large to Small Measuring Wheels

    The large wheels range from 15" to 25" diameter wheels and are ideal for outdoor use. Medium wheels with 11" and 12" diameter is perfect for working outside or indoors. There is also the small measuring wheels with 4" diameter for working indoors or on smooth surfaces.


    Imperial or Metric Measuring Wheels

    We offer a menu of metric measuring wheels that count manually or electronically.  You can also opt for one of the large, medium or small measuring wheels that count in feet, inches, as wells as 8th and 10ths.


    Measuring Wheel Applications

    Select one of the large or medium surveyor wheels with ridges to measure outdoors on a rough or uneven terrain. Or, choose a small smooth wheel for indoor use. Other options include paint marking wheels, paint marking attachments, as well as replacement parts and accessories.


    Whichever options you require, Tiger Supplies has the tool for you! Choose from our selection of large, medium, or small measuring wheels. As well as manual, digital, Imperial, or metric measuring wheels. Find the one that fits your measuring needs.