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Construction Tools

Construction laser levels bring construction tasks to a whole new level of convenience and accuracy. These laser levels are rugged and durable measuring tools ideal for measuring distance, angles, slope, leveling, plumbing, aligning, and more. They are used for machine control, excavation work, landscaping, and building. Many construction professionals are now finding the need to own these construction lasers to perform better and compete well in the industry.


Choosing the Right Laser for Construction

Construction lasers levels have a broad array of capabilities and features, ranging from the basic laser measuring tape to machine mounted grading lasers. With highly visible laser beams, all of our laser levels provide higher accuracy with one button than what manual construction calculations (which can take 2 people to perform and leave plenty of room for error). Many construction lasers can measure hundreds, if not thousands of feet, indoors or out. Determining the nature and size of the jobsite that you will be working on is important to when determining the specific construction laser to use.


Types of Construction Lasers

Choose plumb or dot lasers if you want a laser level to work much like a reference point or a laser plumb bob. Typically used indoors, line laser levels are helpful for lining up a row of pictures, installing a shelf on a level plane along a wall, and many other jobs. A handheld laser distance measurer can be put up against a wall to get true wall-to-wall distance measurement. Alternatively, you can lay this construction laser on its backside so that it is pointing up to measure from the floor to the ceiling. Then there are rotary lasers. Rotary lasers provide 360 degree leveling and are useful when installing something around the room, such as a rail in a dance studio.


Working outdoors? Use a laser detector to pick up beams not visible to the human eye in bright sunlight or far distances. Using a laser to dig or laying pipes? We have construction laser solutions for those too! Most consturction lasers work well indoors and outdoors, but, if you are working outside, it is ideal to use a digital display laser detector or a laser receiver for greater beam visibility and range.


Tiger Supplies has one of the largest selections of construction laser levels and accessories. We've got grade lasers, rotary and self leveling lasers, handheld distance lasers, pipe lasers, dot lasers, plumb lasers, line laser levels, machine control receivers, laser detectors, and all laser accessories.

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